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Kel: Y'all let me know if you want custom titles. As in, that thing that currently says "New Member."
ceolsige: I added an image of the city/setting in my post. :)
schwarzschild: I like the "news" across the top of the forum. :laugh:
ceolsige: Es importante!
Kel: I also made a few changes to the colors. Mostly just removed that horrific yellow color completely, and got rid of the "affiliates" thing the site wasn't using.
Kel: Editing the HTML on forums is new and scary to me.
Kel: And now we've got a darker theme. Let me know if you guys want anything changed.
schwarzschild: I only see the same theme we've had.
Kel: Deleted the other themes, hopefully everyone will now see the new one! :D
Caleb: Love this theme! Pretty!
ceolsige: Yay! I think it's easier on the eyes for sure.
Kel: So, um, another theme. Sorry I keep changing it up on you guys. Let me know if you'd like to see anything changed.
ceolsige: Made a few edits to my post. The sweaty man grazed Aisling's cleavage with his EYES rather than shoving his face into her boobs and chewing them slowly. I completely forgot to even mention my "main character" Smith so he gets a mini para of staring at (>)
ceolsige: (<) stuff, and I elaborated about Arnaud's guilt, which I meant to do in the first place.
Kel: The forum now has a dice roller! When you are creating your post, you'll see a dice icon alongside other options (farthest left icon). Change the range to 1-20 for most situations.
schwarzschild: If you haven't checked it out already, there is a new thread in "Locations" for a sci-fi role-play aboard a space station. If you feel like it's your speed, make a character or two!
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